Exciting news from the world of the unpublished writer: my book is officially submitted to editors! This part of publishing is notoriously difficult for people in my position – as soon as a publisher decides they want to publish me, my life will change forever. The dream I set out to accomplish since I was a kid will have finally manifested. Or the publisher may reject the book, and let’s just say rejection is hard to cope with when it comes from a publishing house.

The alcoholic writer stereotype makes total sense.

Wish me luck! However, if you ask whether I’ve received news and I say no, don’t be surprised. Writers can be on submission for a long time before they get a book deal. And a book deal is far from a guaranteed thing. In the meantime, I’ll be working on new projects and doing whatever I can to maintain my sanity.

I’ll consider myself lucky I’ve never been much of a drinker.


  1. So proud of you and happy for you! Love, Grandma

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