So I’m 18k words into a new manuscript (roughly 95 pages), and I once again find myself writing about Alaska.

I’ve always had a strange fascination with the forests in the Pacific Northwest and any wilderness north of the US-Canada border. I’ve written two manuscripts that feature magic as well as a near-future sci-fi manuscript that were set in the remote wilderness.

That fact leads me on a bit of a segue and a confession: I enjoyed the Twilight books and the movies. When the first movie came out, I had no clue the books existed, and this was before it became everyone’s favorite past time to hate on Stephanie Meyer.

I saw the movie in theaters twice, then proceeded to ask for the book series for Christmas. I read them all over winter break, and I enjoyed them. Why I enjoyed the story is a different conversation, but the setting was what really drew me in. It appealed to my idea of magic and mystery hiding in the subarctic wilds.

I think this strange fascination can be tied to the fact my family is from Vancouver Island and I was born and raised in California. When I was growing up, I spent every summer in Canada, so I have a strong emotional tie to that area. Stories that mythologize an area that makes me nostalgic? Sign me up.

This post started out as an update on the projects I’m working on, but now I think it’s about never being ashamed of what you enjoy. I’ve always been open about liking those books, because I respect people who wear that type of honesty on their sleeves. If you judge someone for liking something subjective, then you’re an ass. That is all.

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